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Powder Rooms

Posted by Karen on March 20, 2018

When it comes to powder rooms, it’s the little things in life that make a big difference. Traditionally a small space, this can be the most visited room in the house and is quite often in close proximity to living rooms, hallways and kitchens making it an area of high traffic. So it’s important that the décor can withstand every day wear and tear as well as making a big impact to give your guests that wow factor.  

This is where you can really go to town and show off your design skills. However sometimes it can be tricky to know where to draw the line between practicality and aesthetics, considering that at the end of the day, they are primarily a functional space. So that’s why we would like to share some top tips with you on how to create a spectacular powder room that’s still functional.


 Reed Harris Armacord Pavone

Powder rooms, or half-baths as they’re sometimes called, can often be left to look rather drab and lacking in character, which is a shame as they are an opportunity to really let your wild side out and unleash your creativity! If the design in the rest of your home is clean, simple and contemporary, why not create a totally separate space that takes guests by surprise as they walk in? Our Armacord Pavone tile range is a good option for achieving this effect, as there are numerous finishing pieces available, from skirting through to dados, which can help to create a classic structure coupled with a colourful modern look.



Reed Harris - Electa Bianco

If you really want to step it up a notch or two, a bold red option would be the perfect powder room for a modern minimalist penthouse or a home with simple Eastern architectural features. Our tip here is to introduce another colour to give the eye a place to rest in the room. The solid white ‘blocks’ help to create a focus when surrounded by strong colour.


Reed Harris - Tartan Ashgrey

If subtlety is more your thing then you can’t beat a calm, warm and cosy vibe that puts everyone at ease the moment they walk in. A neutral palette is a good place to start and to up the design aspect, why not include a pattern. We think tartan works particularly well here, yet it still makes the powder room feel calm.

With all that being said, quite possibly the most important thing to remember is that less is more. In such a small space it’s easy to add one too many pieces of decor. Let the design do the talking and establish how you want the room to ‘feel’ before choosing anything. Once you’ve decided on that, everything else will naturally fall into place and you’ll have a spectacular but functional powder room in no time!


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