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Thank you to Reed Harris for inviting me to be a guest blogger. I’ve got to know the fantastic team at Reed Harris over the last few years and I’m always delighted when I walk into their showroom and I’m shown the latest and most incredible range of tiles.


I wanted to focus on the high end material that everybody loves, but not everyone can afford. The team at Reed Harris showed me some incredible alternatives to one of my favourite materials – marble.


Marble is one of the few high-end luxury materials that is widely known beyond the interior design sector. To have a marble bathroom is a statement that you have money and lots of it. In recent years, the trend towards book-matched marble has grown exponentially. This is where a slab of stone has been very carefully split into two and opened up so the patterns mirror each other. Sort of like butterfly wings, but when opened out onto a large wall, the effect can be breath taking.


Marble is still an expensive material but there are also a few downsides to using this stone. Firstly, the cost, to buy top quality marble with beautiful veining can be very expensive, it's not just the cost of the materials, but also the specialist craftsman that you need to install this material. It's also easy to stain, chip and crack marble and that's just the nature of living with and sharing a space with this material. 


These few reasons are why so many people have been seeking out an alternative solution to using this material. There are quite a few modern materials that so closely replicate the look of that beautiful veining but with the added benefits of modern technology.


Let's have a look at some options. 




The Marble Lab range has extremely pure shades, each feature light or very intense veins, as well as the typical ruffles associated with the most rare and precious quarries. This range is available in seven colours and there are more colours going to be shortly available. There are also multiple sizes and either a polished or semi-polished finish.




If you’ve got a particularly larger space and want a porcelain alternative then Marmi Maximum is your solution. This large format porcelain comes in sizes up to 300cm x 150cm which means that it’s a real rival in terms of uninterrupted veining across the surface as you would get on a slab of fine marble. This truly is a serious contender when you are thinking about laying a large space with a marble look.


Being porcelain means that it’s very easy to clean, install, and it isn’t as fragile as marble. Best of all, it’s very easy to replace. 


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