Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting Tiles

Why should I use tiles?

Tiles are practical and hygienic, they are easy to clean and don’t absorb odours or attract dirt. For those who have allergies, tiles are the perfect solution as they don’t harbour dust or attract mites. Tiles are very hardwearing, don’t fade and should last for years which makes them the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms as they are water resistant too.

I don’t know what style of tile I should use?

There is so much choice these days that it is worth your while taking the time to think about what sort of look you want to create. We know that this can be quite a daunting task so we would suggest having a look through a few interior design magazines to begin with. You also need to think about the style of the rest of your home, is it contemporary or traditional? Are you the sort of person who likes colour, or do you prefer more muted tones? Do you want your tiles to look glossy or do you prefer the matt look? It always a good idea to take some samples home with you, it’s amazing how different they can look depending on the time of day or night. Put them together with your other fixtures and fittings and see if you like the overall effect. There is no such thing as right or wrong, so as long as you plan it right you won’t be disappointed.

What colour tiles should I use?

Colour can dramatically transform a room. There are so many coloured tiles to choose from these days so it’s important to follow a few simple rules. Cool colours can make a room look bigger and warm colours can sometimes make the room look smaller. Never use more than three different shades in one room as it can make it look to busy and cluttered. Don’t use strong colours on floors and walls at the same time; it’s better to balance things out. A good way to create space and lighten up a dark area is to use large pale tiles.

How do I make my room look bigger?

Light coloured tiles can have the effect of making a room look bigger as they will reflect the light more than darker colours. Using the same tiles on both floors and walls will also help make the room appear to be more spacious. If possible choose rectified tiles that will allow you to have very fine joints and therefore less grout.

How do I calculate how many tiles I need?

Have a look at this blog on Measuring Up, it will show you an easy way to calculate how many tiles you need.

Can I use big tiles in a small room?

Ask an interior designer and they will generally say that you shouldn’t use large tiles in a small room as it will make it look smaller, however sometimes you can have just as many issues using small tiles. Using small tiles in a small space will mean that you end up with lots of grout joints which may make the space feel more boxed in, larger tiles have fewer grout lines so can in fact make the space look bigger.  If you decide to use larger tiles, we would suggest that you take a little time to consider the spacing of your furniture, if the space is very compact small tiles might be the better option as they will need fewer cuts.

Do you have matching tiles that can be used indoors and out?

It has become quite popular to use the same tiles for kitchens leading out onto patio areas, so quite a few manufacturers are producing ranges that have both an indoor and an outdoor version of the same tile. The outdoor one usually comes with a greater slip resistance and will be frost proof.

How wide should my grout joints be?

The width of your grout joints is a matter of personal preference. Rectified tiles can look great with very narrow joints; ceramic tiles may need slightly wider joints and natural stone wider still. There really are no hard and fast rules.

What colour grout should I use?

If you are looking to create a seamless finish, we suggest that you try to match the colour of the tile as closely as possible. Remember that light grout will discolour so it’s a good idea to seal it after installation. Contrasting grout is becoming more popular with Metro brick style tiles as it can enhance the design of the tile or layout pattern.

Can I use underfloor heating with my tiles?

Underfloor heating is an energy efficient solution for use under tiles as the heat spreads evenly across the room. It is quick and easy to install and can be done at the same time as the tiles are being laid and only adds a few millimetres to the height of the floor.

Is lighting important?

It’s amazing how different your tiles can look at different times of day. You need to consider how much natural light there is in your room and the direction the room faces; north facing rooms are often cooler and darker than those which face south. Always ask an expert for advice on artificial lighting; there are so many types available nowadays.  Always take samples home with you to see what they look like at different times of the day. If you are using the same tiles on both your floor and walls, they make look different depending on the direction of the light.

What’s the benefit of using porcelain, my tiler says it is hard to cut?

Porcelain tiles are harder and denser than ceramic tiles making them the perfect choice for heavy traffic areas in both a domestic and commercial environment. They are hard wearing and resistant to staining, scratching and moisture as well as being frost proof. Cleaning is very easy, simply sweep or hoover them and wash with a damp sponge mop. Providing your tiler uses the correct tools for the job he won’t have a problem.



 The Order Process

Can I order a single tile?

Since most of our tiles come in boxes we can only supply tiles in full boxes.

How long do I have to wait for delivery?

Stock orders will be dispatched immediately, anything that we have to order in for you will normally take around 2 weeks to arrive.

It is a good idea to order your tiles well in advance of your start date and for this reason we are unable to accept responsibility for lost working time.

If you are not quite ready for your tiles when they arrive with us, we can hold them in our warehouse for up to 2 weeks while you wait for your tiler.

What happens if I over order tiles?

We strongly advise that you ask your tiler to reconfirm your dimensions allowing for 10% additional for wastage, as we cannot accept returns of part of your order.

What happens if I under order tiles?

We can always arrange to order additional tiles for you but cannot guarantee that we will be able to supply from the same batch as your main order. We recommend that you hang on to your original boxes until tiling is complete so that you can give us your batch numbers if you need to order more tiles.

Can I cancel my order?

If you change your mind you can return your complete order within 14 days, as long as you notify us via e-mail. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

My tiles came broken, what do I do?

Sometimes due to reasons beyond our control, tiles may arrive damaged. You must always check your order and notify us of any within 24 hours of receipt so that we can arrange to have the tiles replaced for you.

Do I need to order extra tiles for wastage?

We suggest that your order an additional 10% to cover for cuts and wastage.